Big Fat Killer

A recent report shares some startling news. America’s weight problem is about to become it’s #1 killer (in preventable deaths at least). As soon as 2005 obesity is going to pass cigarette smoking as the favored way for Americans to kill themselves. Which begs the question: is smoking/eating/drinking your way to death simply a slow form of suicide? Does thinking about it in that manner change the basic predisposition for Americans to let other Americans do as they please?

The study showed that America is curtailing smoking (as it becomes more socially unacceptable and frankly harder to find a place where you can smoke) while growing fatter by the minute. This amazes me amid the current low-carb craze that is sweeping the nation.

Causes of preventable deaths in the US in 2000
Source: USA Today; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tobacco Use 435,000
Diet/Physical Inactivity 400,000
Alcohol Consumption 85,000
Motor Vehicle Crashes 43,000
Firearms 29,000
Sexual Behaviors 20,000
Illicit Drugs 17,000