A Recipe Of Sorts

One of the topics i would like to cover on this is site is cooking or more accurately a cook book of sorts. Focusing on great dishes I have discovered in other people’s cooking & things that i have put together myself that deal more with great taste from a bachelor chef…Today’s installment: My own version of rotel dip.

This dish is often compared to rotel dip but it doesn’t actually contain any rotel. So you might call it more of a cross between rotel dip and nacho cheese dip. It is great for dipping with just about any chip. I personally enjoy both rice cakes (the caramel ones are the best) for the sheer amount of cheese dip they can heft to your mouth and reduced fat wheat thins for the hint of sweetness that the wheat thins have. Yes reduced fat – they taste the same and that means you can have more cheese dip. But for the less adventurous any normal dipping chip like Tostitos will do.


  • Pace Picante Salsa Medium (you can substitute your favorite salsa here but chunky salsa works better)
  • Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Velveeta Cheese
  • Monterey Jack Cheese
  • 2% Milk
  • Microwavable Bowl
  • Fill bowl about 1/4 full with salsa. Add hot sauce to taste. Add small pieces of Velveeta cheese over the top of salsa. I use the patented Velveeta slicer in a top down motion with two cuts and a cross cut to make 6 pieces out of the typical velveeta slice. Fill bowl to 3/4 full with velveeta. Microwave on med-hi heat for 40-60 seconds to get velveeta slightly melted. Add a small amount of montery jack cheese and mix dip. I use a butter knife to mix the cheese dip because it is easy to scrape the cheese off of on the side of the bowl. Microwave on med-hi for 20-30 and then mix dip again. Continue to microwave and mix until all the cheese has melted. Adjust microwave times for larger size bowls (as these times are for a small bowl) and wimpy microwaves. Once the cheese is melted, mix in milk until cheese appears slightly runny. Cheese dip will thicken as it cools and this will make the cheese dip creamier and prevent it from solidifying.

    UPDATE: This post has been moved to dieting section due to the fact that I’ve only come up with on cookbook item in 3 1/2 years…