A REAL Man’s Engine

In my browsing through the net, I found THE engine swap. Forget about putting an Integra engine in your Civic. Forget about shoving that big block into your Impala. The Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel is ALL the engine you’ll EVER need. Let’s compare it with the specs of the enviable Dodge Viper and the new F150 that Ford seems so proud of lately.

Engine Comparison 2004

Ford F150
5.4L TRITON? V8 Cylinder Engine
Dodge Viper
8.3L V10 Cylinder Engine
RTA96-C Inline 14 Cylinder Engine
Horsepower 300hp (@ 5000rpm) 500hp 108,920hp (@ 102rpm)
Torque 365 lb/ft (@ 3750rpm) 525 lb/ft 5,608,312 lb/ft (@ 102rpm)
Fuel Economy 14 / 17 mpg (City / Hwy ) 12 / 20 mpg (City / Hwy ) 75 FEET per gallon (estimate)

Awesome! Now THAT is some POWER! Of course, it’ll be killer at the pumps with record high gas prices around the country… Oh did I mention that the RTA96-C was designed primarily for use in very large container ships. Ship owners like a single engine/single propeller design and the new generation of larger container ships needed a bigger engine to propel them.

Wartsila-Sulzer RTA96-C turbocharged two-stroke diesel engine is the most powerful and most efficient prime-mover in the world today. It is available in 6 through 14 cylinder versions, all are inline engines. Some facts on the 14 cylinder version: Total engine weight: 2300 tons (The crankshaft alone weighs 300 tons.) Length: 89 feet Height: 44 feet Even at it’s most efficient power setting, the big 14 consumes 1,660 gallons of heavy fuel oil per hour.