Time Tracker(TM) Reaches Beta 1.0

I have been writing a small app for my PPC to simplify the tracking of my billable time for writing other SW projects and such. Well Time Tracker for the PPC is to beta 1.0… feel free to download it (though I do not offer any, express or implied warrenty on the software and you do so at your own risk and all rights are reserved copyright 2004 — lawyers.) as long as A) have a PPC – because this will not work on your home PC and B) you promise to give me some feedback.

I am planning on adding some way to select clients/projects from a list to reduce the typing necessary if switching back and forth between projects/clients but I haven’t figured out how I want to code that yet… but boy coding in a C based language again sure has deepened my appreciation of php’s ability to declare var and functions anywhere.

Oh and you’ll need the PocketC runtime if you don’t already have it: