StrongBad Is Good

Following up on the yesterday’s fun w/ Flash, I’m adding a link to

Home Star…. Runner

It’s quite a humorous way to waste time online, but don’t take my word for it here are the words of some random web people:

“dude, home star runner ist the best (clean) page on the internet… those guys need more credit than they get for making all that! I love that web page…… Strong bad rocks!” — Posted by: Homestawkid at Aug 9, 2003 5:08 AM

“hoh man, i absolutely love strong bad and homestah wunnuh. lol. strong-bad email’s are the best! wish they had something new everyday!” –Posted by: DDRingSkaGurlie at Sep 24, 2003 12:09 PM

“Yeah, homestarrunner rocks! I like Teen Girl Squads, the Jap. Cartoon one and of course the StrongBad Emails. I wish they did MORE teen girl squads, it makes me laugh so hard when I see it.” –Posted by: Homestarrunnergirl at Jan 27, 2004 12:36 AM

I mean if 3 random people can’t convince you then I don’t what will…. the japanamation one is a classic, though.