Get Your Star Destoyer, Get ’em While Their Hot

Someone with some skill and a LOT of time on their hands created a full size model of the Star Wars Stardestroyer. Made to be accurately sized to the 4 inch action figures, it's over 6 feet long and includes a host of features: The ship is completely covered over with removable panels and has been carefully detailed and weathered. The rear engines can be ignited with a simple push (they are push on/off lights). Although not entirely screen accurate (it would have been the length of my street for that) the distinctive shape is unmistakable. There are many different rooms including an armoury, bridge, cell bay, computer room, engineering (split over 2 levels), Darth Vader’s chamber, conference room, troop rest room, medical bay and more. The largest feature of the ship is the landing bay. The centre ramp lowers to the floor and can launch or capture any ship from an A-wing to the Millennium Falcon. The ramp was designed around the Millennium Falcon, to play that scenario if it were captured! Boasting 8 laser batteries an assault on this Star Destroyer would not last long and any escaping craft would be locked on with the tractor beam positioned on the very front. Then there is the hanger bay underneath the ship. 3 tie fighters can fit comfortably on the racks, ready to launch. There are many figure stands to support your troops located around the ship and over 33 seated positions.

  • Star Destroyer Pic1
  • Star Destroyer Pic2
  • Available now for purchase at Ebay or to view more pics