Conner’s – Casual Dining

I actually tried out Conner's last Sunday (25th), but it took me a while get around to translating my notes to an actual review. Conner's is the latest incantation of the group that brought you The Chop House and Chops Grill. Located in Pigeon Forge TN, Conner's has a nice, but laid back atmosphere. I would rate my service there as above average. So with 2 out of the 3 holes covered on to the food. Instead of bread to start you off, Conner's gives you some scrumptious biskets. This, in hindsight, seems appropriate since your salad that follows will have more bacon than a typical breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Their signature blackberry vinaigrette salad dressing also disappointed. It wasn't sure if it wanted to be a sweet vinaigrette or more of a vinager and oil variety – and so it ended up languishing somewhere in the middle. Their signature soup also failed to impress. The lobster/crab bisque had to strong of a tomatoe element leading it to be overly acidic. Had perhaps a small amount of cheese been substitued here a much more balanced taste could have been created. Their prime rib stood out as second ray of hope (after the biskets) and was, in fact, quite good. The prime rib was not as good, however, as what can be had at the Chop House. So, all in all, if someone was considering Conner's while doing some outlet shopping, I would have to recommend they go across the street to the Chop House, instead. I give them: