Sony -Uh- Un-Plugged

Bringing together all my stuff from around the web, I found this plug for Sony Clies.

2-21-2003 – Sony PlugRecently I had to help someone pick out a PALM device because I knew a lot about them because I have one….

I own an ipaq 3670 and an ipaq 3835. This was one of those people that you didn’t waste your time trying to explain the difference. Anyway, I couldn’t quite get them to the Dell price point so I told the to buy a Sony Clie (how do you pronounce that by the way) which is basically a Palm+

Sony does a lot of cool things with their devices they just aren’t the best at making whatever they do the standard — like MS. Can anyone say beta? Anyway I would love a Sony PPC but we’ll never see one ’cause old Bill and the CEO of Sony are basically involved in a billion dollar pissing contest… and let’s face it, the PPC industry just isn’t worth enough $$$ for them to kiss and play nice.


The sad part is that Sony has decided to stop making the Clie (still wondering how exactly you pronounce that – guess I’ll never know) at least outside of Japan.