Fiery Rhetoric 9/11

Michael Moore, a Democratic activist, has just released a new movie called “Fahrenheit 9/11”. Fox News has an article about some of the “artistic licenses” Moore took in his piece. In addition, President Clinton’s press secretary has come out and countered Moore’s attack about President Bush’s response to the news while in front of Florida classroom. According to him not only did President Bush handle the situation properly, no one else could have handled it any better. A statement that the 911 commission agrees with.

I was most dishearted to read in my local paper some quotes from movie goers. Things like “Well, I thought that President Bush did a good job with 9/11, but then I saw this movie and I can’t believe how bad he did…”. Guys its a MOVIE. A MOVIE! I just went and saw Spiderman 2, but I don’t really think that Peter Parker saved the city from fusion reactor explosion — sheese.

I think I liked it better when Democrats simply bought votes or had dead people voting for them. I mean sure it’s more corrupt to do such things than to simply sway people with your media machine, but at least it isn’t as depressing as realizing how many people can be completely swayed politically by what they saw in a movie.

Thanks Dre