$c0tt’$ $0@pb0x: Th3 W0rld @cc0rding T0 $c0tt

l33tsp34k. Or “Elite Speak” as the i-wish-i-was-a-hacker-but- i-don’t-know-anything-about-programming- or-server-protocols-so-instead-i-spend-a-LOT-of-time-in-chatrooms- trying-to-convince-newbies-that-i’m- elite-because-i’ve-got-nothing-better-to-do type people like to call it. You know, dorks. Now before i get lambasted, let me point out that just about anyone that is reasonably proficient with computers knows how to sp34k (3)l33t – it’s just goes with the territory. But most of us read it more than we write it because frankly we don’t have the time to use the shift key that much. It’s all a matter of priorities: are you finishing up that programming project that is due tommorrow morning? rallying a DOS attack against this or that manifistation of “the man”? or are you staring at your keyboard trying to come up with another cute way to represent a letter poorly that everyone else has somehow missed? -shrug-

Anyway, with that introduction i can now tell you about a funny link and a useful utility for those of you wanting to enter the mysterous world of l33tsp34k. Christian Hacker.org has created a new translation of the bible: The New Hacker Version (NHV). Complete with several levels of leet speak. If you follow a link you can translate any text you want into the various levels leet speak (and ghetto too). The following is my title in higher levels. 3nj0y.

MED: $c077’$ $0@pb0x: 7#3 W0rld @cc0rd!ng 70 $c077
HIGH: $ <077'$ $0@|> b0X: 7|-|3 \^/0r|_|) @ <<0r|)1|\|9 70 $<077 EXTREME: $????'? $?@???> <: ?|-|3 ????? @?????1?? ?? $????

Thanks Kenneth