2nd Ever Kuban Super Sprint Triathlon

After feedback from the participants and judges from the first Super Sprint Triathlon, the course was made longer, safer, and most importantly: better. The Kuban Super Sprint Triathlon now covers a combined distance of 7 miles. A .25 mile swim followed by a 5.75 mile bike ride followed by a 1 mile run. The next race will be held Saturday Aug. 7th and will be open to all-comers. If we have too many people it will be held in waves, otherwise it will be a pure race to the finish.

These super sprints are the final push in my training for the Sports Barn Sprint Triathlon that is now a mere 12 days away.

UPDATE: I took the new course for a spin today and the following was my time breakdown.

.25 Mile Swim Time: 11:05
Transition: 7:50 (bike troubles)
5.75 Mile Bike Time: 27:49
Transition: 3:50
1 Mile Run Time: 10:04
Total Time: 56:45
(Estimated Full Race @ Pace: 1:22:30)