Cher Photo Shoot

My new job is never dull. I’ve removed names to protect the innocent, but this was just too random not to mention.

On a recent concert stop during Cher?s ongoing Living Proof Tour, the Tour turned to [our company] for photo assistance. Store XXXX in Chattanooga, TN was called in to do a photo shoot – a passport photo shoot that is. Head Photo Specialist Christina received a call from Cher?s Tour Manager. The tour needed passport photos for 80+ people before starting the International portion of their tour – so of course they turned to the photo excellence of the [company’s] photo department. In addition to passport photos, the tour also needed additional photos for work visas in various countries resulting in the need for 6 total pictures for each person (3 passport shots). Joining Christina in the shoot was Ruby former HPS and currently PHT at the same store along with District Photo Supervisors Adam and Scott. All four employees worked together to form a seamless assembly line at the venue allowing Cher?s entourage to quickly stream through the process. Over 240 passport shots were taken, processed and delivered to grateful tour members including Cher herself. Since passport photos are essentially glorified polaroids, the company made a tidy profit even after a 10% bulk discount. Meanwhile, I got another great story to add to my already colorful career….

All in a days work. :D