Merry Christ-mas-like Tune

I honor of the birth of the Christ, I have chosen a tune about Jesus. This song was recorded as a demo by Rich Mullins on to a something called a cassette tape (remember those things?) shortly before he died.

I find this song interesting as it kindof ponders the many ways that Jesus is regarded: Prophet, Teacher, Insurgent… I swear there is a longer version of this song somewhere… but Google is letting me down. Oh well, perhaps i will find it some day.

Well, who’s that man who thinks He’s a prophet?
Well, I wonder if He’s got something up His sleeve
Where’s He from? Who is His daddy?
There’s rumors He even thinks Himself a king
Of a kingdom of paupers
Simpletons and rogues
The whores all seem to love Him
And the drunks propose a toast
And they say, “Surely God is with us.
Well, surely God is with us.”
They say, “Surely God is with us today!”Who’s that man who says He’s a preacher?
Well, He must be, He’s disturbing all our peace
Where’s He get off, and what is He hiding
And every word He says those fools believe
Who could move a mountain?
Who would love their enemy?
Who could rejoice in pain,
And turn the other cheek?

And still say, “Surely God is with us,
Well, surely God is with us,”
The fools say, “Surely God is with us today, today!”…..

UPDATE: I found the song I was searching for that I thought was a longer version of this song… in actuality it is a similar song by Larry Norman.