Old News From The Front Lines

I received some news direct from Iraq today and I realized that I somehow didn't post the last email from Iraq I received back in December. My bad. So here is the old one, with the new one to come tommorrow: well here i am. i have made it to my destination safe and sound. flying on a c130 was a trip. i thought my eyes were going to explode due to the great pressure that built up in my head. they descended very rapidly. it hurts for hours later. then we flew on a shcnook or however you spell it. that was cool! i wish i haed a camera for the recording of the counrtyside and seeing us fly seemingly 30 feet or less above the ground. i twas really cool. first helicopter ride.  things are a little crazy right now. there are too manyt people here for this small area. in about three weeks we will lose all the guys that are leftover from the previous occupation. but until then, it is crowded. but not too bad. i have to live in a small chew with four other guys until i get my own with the other medic.  i don't knw anything yet about the phones. they are supposed to work with the internet thing i got, but i've heard rumor about that company going bankrupt! so i'll find out more and tell you later. don't send me any calling cards – they don't work here. you have to buy a certain kind, and if they are still running, you can recharge them. i'll give out the pin to amy if someone wants to recharge it.  food right now is not very good. it is t rats (military food). but the same people at anaconda are supposed to some here soon to take over chow. that was some of the best food i've ever had. so i'm looking forward to taht. as usual, the army doesn't know where our bags are. so i have just my aid bag with me. no shower materials, dental stuff, change of clothes, etc. i really hope it gets here real soon. i'm going to start smelling pretty bad soon.  don't send me anything until i can give you a good address. if you already sent something, don't worry about it. they are talking about breaking up our company and making a different one that sounds a lot better anyway, but with a different name. i don't know about all that yet, but i will. as of right now, just hang on. my name and fob will still be the same, so even if you do send something out, it should get to me…theorically. that's why i say wait.  anyway, i have 30 minutes on the computer at a time. so i'm gonna go. hope everyone if faring well. don't worry about me, so many others before me have had it much worse. its not that bad. i don't want a summer home here, but not too bad. we'll see how i feel in the summer though!  don  All men die, some men never really live. Oh and did I mention that I didn't edit this email in any way? Yeah, let's just chaulk it up to hurrying w/ little computer time and not go there. Ok? :D