News From The Front Lines

The latest from the front lines… sans the media bias. hello. i have arrived back to my fob safe and sound. since it has past, i think i can tell you where i was. we went on a trip to baghdad for supplies. i can't get more specific than that though. i actually had a great time. i got to use a toliet that flushes! it was wonderful. i also had a day off while there and was able to get some gifts. i enjoyed a burger king double whopper and french fries too. the chow hall was magnificant. they had a milkshake bar! four hot meals served a day with several choices. i loved it. at my fob, i get t rat meals for breakfast and dinner, with a mre for lunch. mmmhhhhmmmmm, wholesome goodness! thanks to all who send me stuff so i can live off pringles and snickers. anyway, i will surely volunteer for that mission everytime from now on! thnigs are getting more intense with the elections closing in. we are anticipating a few days of no sleep and constant business. i wonder what the big difference is! really, i don't have it too bad most of the time. i am able to get on the phone or computer usually once a day. amy seems to enjoy the phone calls and webcam sessions. well, that's it for now. thanks for all your prayers. keep them up, our attorney fees are getting outrageous. but hopefully with the help of the newest addition to the attoney team, the next appearence in court will be the last. thanks don All men die, some men never really live. Don's attorneys are for a State Side matter unrelated to the war.