Terri Schiavo — Should I Care?

Terri Schiavo has been clogging up the airwaves lately… forcing many to ask: Should I care? What's the big deal? Well, I finally decided to investigate this whole affair and report my findings to you: the masses. The Terri Schiavo affair has been full of half-truths, mis-information, and irrelevant arguements. As always, I will attempt to claw through the clutter to get to the truth. This article is not complete but since there is a rather pressing time issue, we have pushed it out in its current state until it can be finished… Misconception: "Terri is in a vegetative state." Terri is not in a coma, nor is she completely unable to communicate. Sworn affidavidits testify to the fact that Terri can say a few words. She can also respond to people and commands with smiles and other body movements. When was the last time a cabbage smiled when you entered the room or responded to your conversation? Now granted Terri is at the level of a 6 month old child, but that's hardly a vegetable. Misconception: "Terri can't/won't improve." While some doctors agree with this statement, many others disagree. Many doctors feel that Terri's speach and other functions could greatly improve if she was allowed therapy. Of course, as the skeptic, I have to remind everyone that doctors are simply above average intelligence (we hope) people that spent 3 more years in school than typical middle class American. They make mistakes and don't know everything. We MUST take their pronounces (on both sides) with a grain of salt. But it certainly wouldn't hurt to try therapy for a few months and see if helps before we write someone off. I mean if she had ACTUALLY been receiving treatment for the 10 years she has been in this state (the length is a time is often sited by the husband's side) I would be more willing to concede that treatment wouldn't help, but she hasn't received ANY. Misconception: "Terri will improve." The arguement for Terri should not be approached from a "well she'll be dancing next week" angle. She MAY improve, she may not. We won't know without giving the poor woman the benefit of at least a few months of therapy. Especially since the family would be paying for it… I mean it's not like this woman is a drain on society or something. Shouldn't we as a society at least let the parents TRY to save their daughter? How did we get to the point where parents are strip searched before seeing their daughter lest they give her food or water? What horrible crime did Terri commit again… oh nevermind, if she was a mass murderer she would have rights… Misconception: "As her Husband, he has the right because of [insert husband and wife platitude]" As her Husband, he shouldn't be living with his girl friend and fathering children with her. If he wants to move on from Terri why not just DIVORCE her and leave her with her parents? He can't move on in his love life and still play the caring husband card. It's one or the other. I don't blame the man for needing to move on… but don't then act like you haven't. Misconception: "Michael Schiavo has only Terri's interests at heart" First, don't parents merit as much "looking out for" credit as a husband? Secondly, doesn't the fact that he is living with another woman and having kids with said woman tarnish the whole loving husband? Also doesn't the unexplained fractures in her bones (from past broken bones) in Terri's body and the fact that Micheal wants Terri cremated as soon as she dies, raise some warning flags in anyone's mind? Misconception: "Cutting off nutrients and hydration isn't painful or is even a peaceful way to die." First, let's cut through the fancy language and call it like it is: starvation. Starve v.intr. 'To suffer or die from extreme or prolonged lack of food'. Note the fact that the suffering associated with lack of food occurs even without dying. I mean if starvation isn't a bad thing, why are Aid Organizations always asking for 60 cents a day to sponsor a child in Africa during my day time soaps?