MoveOn… Where?

So I keep hearing about this… and since I'm not sure where I'm moving on from and to, I figured I would give it a look-see. Apparently MoveOn is planning on doing just that… sslloowwllyy. Here's the first sentence, on the top story, on the main page: George W. Bush is going to make Social Security privatization a key part of his State of the Union address this week. For those of you scratching your heads: The State of the Union was February 2, 2005. There is also a petition to tell congress how much your against personal accounts. Their goal: to deliver 500,000 signatures to Congress in just 10 days… it doesn't really specify which 10 days, but it is an older story than the above one about the up-coming State of the Union. So that means they are about two months behind their target. Surprising really since they are only looking for 0.169% of all the people about to get screwed by stock market returns on their retirement savings! Being the altruistic soul that I am, I did what i could to help. I called up my old friend Barbra Boxer and told her about their plight and she told me would do what she could to help. At last count Barbra had added her name to the cause — well, let's just say a lot. Keep up the good work Barb! My favorite part of the site is where they want you "the masses" to donate money to fund the media propaganda against social security reform. Can I just keep my money and promise that I will sway my own opinion myself with pretty pictures and motivational music??? So after a quick look, I must admit that I still don't get it. Especially the Moving On part… move on from what? The current agenda? The landslide election for Red States? Why to I get a picture of Officer Barbrady saying "OK People, move along, there's nothing to see here."