Iraqi Update

Our embedded reporter and field medic Don with another slice of life in Iraq… yes I'm sure there's some hippy comment to be made about being a medic in war, but it won't come from the likes of me. well, things are getting a little more dangerous around here. yesterday, we found a vehilce borne IED (improvised explosive device) before it was sent out to kill us. today we had an ied blow up 50 meters (150 feet) in front of us as we were traveling. yesterday's wasn't bad. we happen to search an abandoned car on the side of the road and found two artiliry shells and det cord and gasoline containers. we called eod (explosive ordinance departemnt) out to the site and they blew up the car. there is little to nothing left of it. today's was a little different. i was driving the lead vehicle and an ied blew up right in front of us. i slammed on the brakes and we got back. my gunner, the guy with the big gun on top of the hummer, fell into the gun hole and was dazed. he was fine for a while, but disoriented and his condition became worse. i called for a medevac and the bird was in the air while i treated him. two iv lines, oxygen, and other assestment stuff most of you probably wouldn't understand. he is going to be fine and flew out on the blackhawk to higher care. it was pretty intense for a while. at the risk of sounding arrogant, i did a very good job and was highly praised for it. it was just as any patient at the fire department and i just reacted to the situation. staying calm and doing what i love to do as a medic was awesome! it sucks that my patient went through what he did, but he had no serious injuiries and basically suffered from neurological shock. this is my thing and i was glad that i was there to help. well, i'm done with my delusions of grandure. be thankful that you have people like my patient today that arerisking all for you…and getting hurt for you also. don All men die, some men never really live.