Reunions & Such

After attending a reunion last night, I can now say I am officially old or responsible or an adult (bar mitzvah, what?) or something. While it had some serious resemblances to prom (same room, DJ, pictures…), it was actually a blast. A few were noticably absent and several were serving in Iraq, but the rest of us got together and showed we can still party with the young guns. After stories of other reunions, I expected a lot more posturing. But I have to say that I am proud of my old class. Proud that no one – to my knowledge – made a big deal that their car/job/dog was sooo much better than the rest. Proud that, the most oft asked question was "what area do you live?" not "what do you do?". Proud that, as young as we are, many had already left traditional professions and were pursuing something they loved. Life is too short to slave away for just a paycheck. But moving forward, I'd say what I most took away from my reunion was a couple more players for the weekly poker game (suckers!) ;)