Rush vs. The Protestors

Rush Limbaugh takes on the much-hyped but not quite delivered Mega-Anti-War-Rally at DC! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! See the millions of pissed-off Americans devouring support for the Iraq War! I read about the dang rally on my Yahoo news feeds for over a week before the thing even happened. Speaking of which why do we still call this a "war"? The war was pretty much over when we found Saddam Hussein hiding in a spider hole. Sure, Iraq is not exactly what I would call a Mecca of Peace, but if it is a "war" who, exactly, are we at war with? There was an official surrender quite some time ago. Our government is on friendly terms with the currently elected government in Iraq. Most of the insurgents are foreign nationals from Syria and other countries, but we're not at war with any of those other countries. Oh and I don't buy the whole "war on terror" as an actual war. I just have to shake my head when I pass the signs that say "No War In Iraq" — That's right: there's no war in Iraq… what's your point? Maybe I'm nit picky, but I just wish people could be more accurate in what they believe in/are fighting for. How about a sign that said: "I don't think Iraq will directly affect me one way or the other, and I don't want ANYONE to die… so let's bring the troops home." Not exactly brief and perhaps a bit naive, but ACCURATE. And for some reason that is important to me. Anyway, I digress. Rush pretty much lets the Anti-War Protestors have it — pulling no punches and taking no prisoners… Not exactly his finest hour, but I do have to agree with one of his points wholeheartedly: Who has time to protest for weeks even months at a time? I mean I have my congressmen's phone numbers in my cel phone, but you won't see me marching around for hours; days; weeks on end with a sign in DC or anywhere else… If I had that kind of time I would be camping… or skiing… or working on one of my books… or building my passive income so that I can retire early… I've told people earlier who [the anti-war demonstrators] are… These are life's losers. These are life's failures. These are the people that have failed to amount to anything in our country, in our society, in this land of opportunity. They're oddballs, freaks, kooks, weirdoes — and they know it and they don't like being thought of that way, and they don't like thinking of themselves this way. They want to matter, they want to give themselves a sense of meaning, their lives have to have meaning, a sense of importance, so they come up with all these things to stand for, and they think it makes them superior, morally superior to everybody else, to oppose all this killing and all this unnecessary pillaging and all these unjust wars and all this stuff. But these are really just a bunch of losers, and so of course they're angry. They live in a country with boundless prosperity and opportunity. The richest country in the history of the world and they see themselves as non-factors. They see themselves as people who haven't been able to get anywhere, and they're being led by a bunch of people who know just how to twist them and turn them and manipulate them, people who have a true agenda. I mean, one of the organizations that put this thing together is actually a member of the Communist Party, and it's a bunch of people that have a deep appreciation for Stalinism, and so they have gone out and they've recruited all these people who are wandering aimlessly through life looking for, you know, something desperately to do. They think they're contributing and they're mattering, and they're easy prey… It's funny as it can be but it's also sad at the same time because these are people who haven't amounted to diddly-squat who desperately want to matter and they are being led and inculcated, manipulated and promoted in ways by people who actually do have an agenda, actually do have an anti-American agenda, and it surfaces during Republican administrations, but it's always there. So you're going to see the most outrageous signs. You might as well put, "Notice me!" on the sign. Whatever the sign says, the more outrageous the better. "Notice me! I want my sign on TV! I want my friends to see me! I want them to see I matter! I want them to see I came here, that I care, that I'm morally superior to them," and of course aiding and abetting them are the mainstream media in their quest to embarrass and harm the Bush administration, and their quest to make this look more and more as though it represents mainstream thinking in this country, which, of course, it doesn't and it never has when you get right down to it. Let's give them their number of a hundred thousand, let's just give them the number, let's say that there were a hundred thousand there. If this is a building movement, if this is a movement that's really picking up steam, really picking up momentum, really captivating a lot of minds and hearts out there, then there should have been 500,000 to a million people there. With as much media attention as they've gotten, free, as much recruitment attention and effort as they have gotten, as much savage reporting on George Bush and the war on Iraq as there has been, there should have been five to ten times, whatever number of people were there, on Saturday, but there weren't. There were no more people there than were there at the first anti-war rally four weeks ago, no more than were there at the anti-war rally three years ago or two years or wherever. They're just a sad bunch of people. One way to understand this is, I've always asked this question, "Who is it among this healthy and vibrant and thriving population that has time to take a month off from what they're doing to protest anything?" Who's got that kind of time? Life's losers have that kind of time, but nobody else does.