Congressional Investigations A Sham

So the United States Congress has started an investigation into the lacking governmental response to Hurricane Katrina. Now that, on face value, seems great — until you realize who will notably be missed in such an investigation. That's right: Congress! We have heard a lot of lamenting about the error of adding FEMA to the huge bureaucracy of Homeland Security — by the very people that voted to place FEMA under HS. Who is it that created the regulations of how the various pieces of government interact? Congress. Who is it that controls the purse strings of the Federal budget? Congress. Here is a more specific example. One of the congressional panel to question Brown, the Former Head of FEMA, was Rep. William Jefferson. Jefferson used the National Guard to retrieve things from his home after Katrina hit. And it actually gets better: apparently there FBI is currently investigating Jefferson, and some surmise he may have been removing evidence from his home. Oh yeah. Let's let that guy question Brown about how he was deploying Katrina resources.