Empty What?

So I was eating with some friends yesterday and somehow the show Empty Nest came up. After some straining and a few hints from my friends, I was able to pull the face of the main character and his gold retriever from the dark recesses of my brain. I didn't really recall much else about the show — I don't think I actually watched it very often. But I was struck by the fact that it was a show that I probably would have NEVER watched if Tivo was invented, you know, back in the day. Think about it. Before Tivo, you watched whatever happened to be on at the time when you decided it was a good time to "veg" in front of the TV… And if you parents didn't happen to think that cable was worth the bread… well then your choices were extremely limited. Now that I reflect back on THAT we actually almost had a TV for every channel. We had 3 TVs and 4 channels. PBS, ABC, CBS, NBC… (I can hear the gasps out there… FOUR CHANNELS????) Well we did get FOX but only on Mom's TV in her room, which meant we usually couldn't use that TV anytime anything worth watch was on. Technology is changing our lives and most of the time we barely notice. Tivo, 24 hour news channels, MTV2, ESPN6… how does Empty Nest survive with all of that? It doesn't. Then again, we do have a show called "Good Eats" on the FOOD network and one called "Emergency Vets" on a network devoted completely to Animals, so maybe the Golden Girl spin-off would thrive here. Ok thrive is pretty strong, we'll go with survive… On late night… And while were on the subject, I'd like to give a shout out to the DIY network since I worked with them on a project last week… great people to work with. Top notch. :D