Quarters For A Cause

So a mystery economist has partnered with Glenn Beck to bring you “Quarters for the Cause”. I have to admit that this idea is GENUIS. Using an army of kids to sift and collect quarters for the Red Cross is great. I think their projections of $7 Mill/day is unrealistic. I would say this idea in full swing might hit $7 Mill/week, but even that is a tad optimistic.

Here’s how it works:The US Mint now prints individual states on the backs of quarters. There are over 2.8 billion quarters in circulation from the Gulf States that have been affected by the hurricanes (Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Texas). If we were able to get just 1% of those quarters donated, it would mean $7 million in additional funds.

But, here’s the twist…once these quarters are donated they will be spent and put right back into circulation. So, if this concept were to catch on, $7 million would be donated EVERY SINGLE DAY. That?s over $2.6 billion a year.

So, how do you donate your Gulf State quarters? It’s easy…the Red Cross has teamed up with Coinstar to make donating change simple. Just go to http://www.coinstar.com, find the nearest location (there are over 40,000 collection machines nationwide), deposit your quarters and designate the funds for the Red Cross.

The key is that this program makes giving fun and can teach kids to make small sacrifices for the benefit of others. Sit down with your kids this weekend and go through their change with them, looking for Gulf State quarters, they?ll be excited when they find one.

You can get more information by visiting http://www.glennbeck.com/news/11032005.shtml and we urge you to send this email along to everyone you know so that we can get the ball rolling. With your help, this idea will take off, ensuring that this country will never again have to worry about the financial side of a tragedy.