A Ramsey Moment

Dave Ramsey is the self-proclaimed King of Debt… well anti-debt, actually. His methods are a bit extreme for the financially savy, but they are sound advice for the average American. If nothing else, he offers a great place to start your journey to wealth/retirement.

Anyway, I thought of old Mr. Ramsey when I got an enthralling letter from Discover Card. Credit card companies hate it when you don’t have a big balance and love to make bad deals sound good. This one just made me laugh… The offer? Transfer your balances and save with a low, low rate of 2.9%!!… The catch? Well, a small transaction fee and the low rate only lasts for 4 months…So here’s the math: For a 3% charge you can reduce your annual interest rate by 9% (the average credit card interest rate is about 12%) for 1/3 of a year… great deal eh? Ah, credit card companies… always looking out for us.