No River City

I discovered a new band last nite: No River City. I would have snapped some pics with my camera phone but the venue was really dark so I didn’t waste my time… but their lead singer looks a lot like the that guy from My Name Is Earl:

They’re a talented rising group from Atlanta. They’re style is rock with a tad of country and a dash of Americana. They’ll be a band to watch as they definately have the skills, charisma, attitude, and song writting ability to be the next Eddie From Ohio. My personal favorite was a song about falling in love with a billboard lady. They are currently working on their second album and, from the sampling we heard, it’s going to be great.I give them :
The probably could have gotten another half star at a venue more suited to their style and their electric guitarist – while extremely talented – could use some caffeine to up his charisma to the level of the group.