Illegal Immigrants: Bring It!

“Breaking dramatically from the House’s get-tough prescription for illegal immigration, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted Monday to place the nation’s 11 million-plus illegal immigrants on a path to eventual citizenship.” —

The House recently passed HR 4437 which does the following:

  • makes illegal immigration a felony (allowing local law enforcement to have teeth against the problem)
  • creates a fine of up to $50,000 against businesses employing illegal aliens (reducing the economic advantage to underpaid workers)
  • deports illegal caught in the US (the most logical solution to people in the country illegally – putting them back out of it)

The Senate, however, is apparently afraid of the large protest over the weekend (immigration protest) and sought to appease the Illegal Immigrant Activists. As a side note: it definitely says something about the current state of illegal immigrants in our country when they can come out in public arenas and protest the strengthening enforcement against their illegal activities. That’d be like thieves marching for fewer cops…

The Senate bill that came out of commitee allows the following:

  • illegals to stay in the country legally for 3 years if the pay a $1000 bribe – oh – I mean fine.
  • after 3 years they must return home or file more paperwork and stay another 3 years legally.
  • after that 3 years they can apply for permanent citizenship since they patiently waited at the “back of the immigration line” for 6 years. Never mind that they were able to live and work here legally during their “wait” in line.

But ask anyone and they will vehemently deny this is amnesty. Why? Focus groups have told them that “amnesty” – as a word – is something the American people against. Because surely the masses couldn’t be against amnesty in principal… that would be mean. And were not mean here in America.

This is a topic that will probably rage for the next few weeks as the Senate debates what will make the final bill that will then have to be reconciled with the House bill to create law. Please note that I’m all for legal immigration. I just don’t see how rewarding people that broke the law will reduce the number of law breakers in the future.