11 Million Is Too Much

So one of the big arguments for amnesty is that there is no practical/realistic way to deport 11 million illegals. Let’s look at all of the reasons this is a bad argument…

(Before we start I think it bears mentioning that we don’t know who these illegals are, where they’re at, or what they’re doing but we DO know that there are 11 million of them.)

  • First of all everyone acts like if we pass immigration enforcement reform we’ll have to round everyone up and ship them home in the following 24 hour period. While that makes a great action TV show… Deportation would only occur when we actually catch illegals. This alone would be a fundamental shift from current enforcement. Today most illegals are either released outright or released and told to come back in a week or two to be deported (shockingly few show up)
  • Others claim it would crush our economy to displace so many workers… Again normal enforcement would only slowly reduce these workers allowing market forces to act and shift workers and labor rates the same why it has for our 200+ year history.
  • I?m quite confident that if 10 days from now, 11 million people decided not to pay their taxes that the government would – somehow – find a way to deal with THAT problem.
  • Now there is a compromise amnesty bill being floated that allows any illegal living here more than 5 years to be able to stay, but those here less than 5 years – about 40% – would be deported. OK, so somehow deporting 11 million people is crazy but 5 million – that?s a workable plan. Yeah.