Amnesty Compromise

Well the Senate is trying it’s best to wuss out and find a compromise that makes everyone happy. The latest idea is a three tier system.

  • Illegals here over 5 years can stay and become citizens
  • Illegals here between 2-5 years can become citizens but most do so from a “port of entry” (The nearest international airport or water port)
  • Illegals here under 2 years are deported

Unfortunately, the middleground is unacceptable to many on both sides of the issue. The anti-amnesty crowd doesn’t see a big difference between forgiving 11 Million lawbreakers and forgiving 9 Million lawbreakers. Meanwhile the pro-illegal immigrants held a protest this week demanding voting rights for illegal immigrants. Why become a citizen of the US when you can just demand all the benefits and stay loyal to your homeland. We don’t let LEGAL immigrants vote… why would we let ILLEGAL ones vote.

One other thing to point out. If these illegals are “living in the shadows” and we know nothing about them… (except that there are 11 Million of them) How do we establish how long they have been in the country to know what tier they belong in??? I know we’ll just ask ’em.