Mac / Win Debate Heats Up

Well now that Apple has switched over to the "Intel Inside" camp, speculation has been running rampant over what this means for computers.  Many hope that Apple will start selling OS X (a highly polished version of Linux) without the mandatory Mac… while that would be "cool" – since everything Apple does is both hip and cool – don't expect it anytime soon.  While this could happen it is unlikely given Apple's control freak attitude towards its technology.  Maybe if they weren't making billions off their iPods and were desperate for cash, but not today.

On the flip side, ever since the first Intel Mac rolled off the assembly line hordes of nerds -oh sorry- geeks have been working feverishly on getting windows installed on a Mac.  Well the wait is over and we have a winner.  The folks at have succeeding in loading not only windows but the currently unreleased Vista version (coming to stores near you this fall or possibly next year – you know MS) of windows.