Evil Capitalists

 Some perspective on Big Oil from guest writer: Jeff:

Can you believe this?! Time Warner made $1.46 billion profits in the first quarter. Thats a 60% increase over last year. And just who, you might ask, is a part of Time Warner? Well, those evil capitalist pigs CNN, and Time (among others) of course. Can you believe that they are making such obscene profits reporting the news? I mean, the news is an essential part of life. Asking people to go without news is like asking them to go without their catheter bags. Besides, reporting the news is supposed to be a noble profession, far above the evil influence of profits. How can this evil conglomerate continue to exist in America, when it is obviously gouging innocent citizens? Get this: the CEO made $16 million!  Heres an idea: they should take those profits, and re-distribute them to the American people. Lets see, $1.46 billion divided among 311 million gouged citizens (dont worry, 11 million undocumented workers included), equals $4.70 a person! Send the checks today!

OR, the CEO could donate his pay to lower our cable TV bills: $16 million divided by 311 million people is $.05. I want MY nickel, how about YOU?

Why does the same rhetoric seem perfectly logical when applied to oil companies? I guess because we HAVE to keep driving? Well, are you going to turn off your cable (and maybe even go to the library)? Time Warner also owns the Atlanta Braves