Senate Pardons 12 Million Criminals

Well it has unfortunately happened.  Huge, blanket Amnesty has been passed by the Senate.  The only thing left standing in front of this insanity is the House's bill which somehow must be rectified with the Senate's before the law is created.

There are many bad provisions in this bill which is estimated to legalize 32 million immigrants and their families over the next 10 years. (The current US population is less than 300 million)  One that deserves mentioning is the fact that illegals social security benefits are guaranteed.   Why?  Because the thing most often pointed out to prove this bill isn't amnesty is that the illegals have to pay a $2000 fine.  Now forget about the fact that illegals may have paid as much as $15k to coyotees to get here and consider this:  The average social security pay out is $919.40 per MONTH.  Yeah.