A new fad is spreading in Europe: running backwards.  The inducted call themselves retro-athletes.  They also consider themselves part of an "Xtreme" sport, as opposed to oh, stupid.

Let's break this down for a minute.  Retro-runners think it's better exercise to run backwards. Doctors claim it isn't. Look, just because something is more difficult does NOT mean that it is better or even worthwhile.  I mean it's difficult to break boards with your head, but that doesn't make it a worthwhile pursuit or even an extreme sport. 

Now beyond the coordination issues and health benefit discussion, I'm sure you are all wondering… how do they know where they are going? The simple but sad answer is mirrors. Yup mirrors.  Some try to looking over their shoulder instead of the mirror route, but neither option really works all that well.  Crashing and tripping are common place.  I guess that's Xtreme.

We really shouldn't be surprised however that Europe is again doing something @ss-backwards.  They are getting kind of pathetic in their attempts to stay relevant in the rapidly changing global landscape…. They used to be the center of the world you know – now they are little more than a nice vacation spot.