Calories Per Hour

Since it’s been raining a lot the last two days, I’ve been using the old Elipse instead of the standard run or bike. But how much is that accomplishing? The built-in counter in the Elipse rolled over 1000 calories before I hit an hour… doubtful. If you want more weight loss tips, visit Cleve Scene.

So I set out to find an approximation on the web. Calorie calculators abound but some are hard to use and all of them have different numbers. For instance running a 10min/mile pace for 6 miles (1 hour) will burn 793, 684, 680, or 900 calories depending on whom you ask. (I used a 150lb male as a nice round number)

I personally liked this calorie calculator the best. It was simple to use and had some fun activites. Did you know you burn 90 calories an hour watching TV? That’s a full 9 more calories than sleeping! Vaccuming, ironing and general cleaning are a much better way to keep that girlish figure. So remember that the next time you’re eating bon bons and watching Oprah – your man is being messy to help you lose that weight. ;)