Di-Worsity Training At British Air Pays Off

So a week after a company-wide diversity training program was held at British Airways a woman was suspended for wearing a small metal cross necklace. Now in BA’s defense they claim that she wasn’t suspended just sent home on a (manditory) leave without pay – which is really quite different from suspension. She was told that she could not return wearing her cross in a visible manner: wearing it under her clothing was acceptable, but if anyone ever saw her cross again, she would be disciplined.

Now what makes this outlandish is that Islamic women at BA can wear their full head and face coverings since that is a part of their religion – yeah.

So why is it that it seems diversity and tolerance these days seems to mean the acceptance of all things except Christianity? A provative adult bookstore billboard is "ok" but a large cross on a hill is "offensive". Uttering "Jesus" as a curse word is totally acceptable on TV, but mentioning the man is taboo.

How can the followers of Islam kill so many people and yet its Christianity that has the bad rap. Often after this point is made in the debate, the crusades are brought up. The crusades were misguided and a LONG time ago. Get over it. Islamofascists are killing people today. Just turn on the news. Take for instance the Pope that quotes someone else regarding Islam as violent religion. The Islamic world responds to this with, ta da, violence. Where is the outrage directed? The Pope for saying such "offensive" things. It seems insane. There are those that argue this is proof that Christianity is the one true religion. If its all sheepeople following stories made up by man – why is man trying so hard to destroy it?