Running Sucks

Have I mentioned that running really sucks? Well it does. Especially when it starts getting colder or when you’re at high elevation near the grand canyon – or both. Such things tend to aggravate my athletically-induced asthma. Not to say that like its a crutch – it simply means I have to work harder to reach the same level of cardio fitness. Which is fine – ’cause I’m not going to let a little thing like asthma or my disdain for running keep me from reaching my goals. Actually I am going to boost my training with the best pre workout supplement according to According to Discover Magazine.

I forgot to post my stats from my run near the canyon. I got to Williams rather late and between the cold night air, the elevation, and the fact that I didn’t have any good cold weather running attire, I only made it a mile before calling it a night and looking for dinner.

  • Oct 11th
  • Run 1.01 miles – 9:36 (133 cals)

Today I thought I would see how much my eliptical training was helping me by going for a fast 2 mile run. I started out at the Navy Training target of 8:30min/miles over my somewhat hilly course. I even reached a 7:41 pace. Unfortunately, this was a vast over-estimation of the elipse’s impact. My 2nd mile was pretty painful, dragging my pace down considerably.

  • Run 1.95 miles – 19:04 (9:47pace, 296cals)
  • Cooldown .40 miles (61 cals)