The Real Face Of Islam (Fascism)

I just finished watching a 12 minute version of the movie Obsession:Radical Islam’s War On The West and you NEED to watch this thing. First it will make you say "Holy Sh##! (these guys are serious!) and then it will really scare you. It is CHILLING to watch small children calling for our deaths and promising to go to their own to accomplish this goal.

After viewing this you will understand why we can’t placate or negotiate with these extremists. You don’t explain to someone that has been trained from childhood that we are THE enemy that – "hey its all a big misunderstanding and that, no really, we’re nice". That doesn’t work. Best case you lock up someone hell bent on your death – at least until you’ve had time to deprogram them. This is something we can’t keep our head in the sand and hope that it goes away.

This film is an actually documentary – not a docu-drama or the like. It uses video footage that has subtext. Some of it is english some of it arabic and some of it is a mix. They are currently looking for a distributor to show their film. Hey maybe the Canadians that released the contraversal film showing the assasination of George Bush could distribute this independant film as well…

This movie used two web sites as a place to get much of the translated footage:? MEMRI TV (Middle East Media Research Institute) and PMW (Palestinian Media Watch).? Both of the sites have even more stuff that will (or at least should) scare you.? The PMW has a clip of a Senate Commitee reaction to some of the footage of children wanting to become suicide bombers.? Even Sen Hillary Clinton goes off on how crazy this training of the palestinian children is…. this is not a Republican vs Democrat thing, this is not a Liberal vs Conservative thing, this is the West vs the Terrorists thing!