Presidents Day Quiz

In honor of Presidents Day we have a little history quiz…

Someone’s signature is often refered to as their "John Hancock" – why did this expression originate?

John Hancock was the first person to sign the declaration of independance AND his signature was huge (and ornate) compared to the others.

Bonus Points: Who do we have to thank that John was not captured by the British in 1775?

In April 1775, Paul Revere got John Hancock & Samuel Adams out of Lexington hours before the British arrived. Samuel Adams, of course, is famous for his ferverent boycott of tea including the Boston Tea Party protest. A lesser known fact, is that Adams’ motivation behind the tea boycott was not freedom from British appression or taxes, but creating an increased demand for his beer. ;)

Adding this quote to the archive seemed appropriate: "John Hancock….it’s Herbie Hancock." – Tommy Boy.