Fox News: Fair-ly Stupid?

John Kasich, a guest host for O’Reilley, proved himself to be a blithering idiot while holding down the fort yesterday. Here’s the setup: A new creation museum opened on Monday and “Fair & Balanced” Fox wanted to show both sides. So they got Ken Ham head of the museum and Lawrence Krauss an evolutionary scientist against the museum to “debate”.

Each man opened with their positions basically: a 4.5 Billion year old Earth & Genesis is a just a story verses a 6 Thousand year old Earth & the Bible account is literally true. It could have been a good debate, unfortunately John Kasich didn’t like either position and set out to bring BOTH men over to HIS view.

Now while most school children could point out how these two men held diametrically opposed views, Kasich asked Ham “Why is it not acceptable that evolution and creationism can be compatible?” Ham responded that while many people held Kasich’s theistic evolution view, “Evolution and a literal Genesis are not compatible…”

Kasich then interrupts and says “But maybe a literal Genesis is not the deal here.” I have to stress here that John is saying this to the man that just opened a 27 million dollar museum dedicated to the view that scientific evidence supports a literal six day creation. I mean, does John Kasich have ANY knowledge of the people he’s interviewing?

Kasich goes on “If you (Ham) put a man standing next to a dinosaur, I mean, why can’t you say that it both works, that God makes a great thing happen but at the same time, you know, evolution is not such a bad thing…” I should note here that Evolutionists would say man and dinos co-existing is impossible, so I’m not sure what point John was trying to make with that comment to bring the two sides together.

John Kasich then continued his monologue regarding the merits of his stradle the fence philosophy. When both men being “interviewed” attempted to respond to his points, he dismissed them saying “We’re out of time guys”

He then ended the segment by saying “I think reasonable guys like you can get together and agree.” I’m not joking – he actually said that.

I would normally at this point define the words ‘debate’ and ‘interview’ for John – but I’m pretty sure he’s too much of a simpleton to grasp the concepts. Luckily he’s a journalist, so he probably won’t concern himself with either.