Why Its Amnesty

President Bush is headed to Capital Hill today to try and revive his immigration travesty.  In hearing all the spin on this bill and much ignorance about it’s provisions, I thought I would VERY simply point out the Amnesty in S. 1348.

Those supporting the bill like to point to all of these measures that such as learning English and fines to state that there is no Amnesty in this bill.  There are punishments.  There are hoops they have to jump through. But therein lies the dirty little secret of this bill that most people are missing: illegals won’t have to do ANY of those things.

That’s right.  The second this bill is signed into law every single illegal will be LEGAL. Done. Fini. The fine, the English, the mandatory trips back home… they are all steps to citizenship. Don’t want to be a citizen?  Oh – well, you’re legal… have a nice life!

This bill is amnesty because it’s solution to the 12-20 million illegals is to simply make them legal. Tada! No more millions of illegals in the country.  Problem solved right?  Right?  So while the provisions to bring the ex-illegals families into the country by the millions are economically scary and the promises at better enforcement of this new law over the current law are unbelievable, one thing is certain.  Waving a wand to make 20 million il-legals, legal IS Amnesty.