President Obama – Moron or Genius?

Glen Beck on the recent insanity from Washington:

Here’s the one thing: I’ve been watching the things that President Obama has done in three weeks and I’ve come to the conclusion that the man is either a moron or a genius.

If this were George Bush, I would look at all these bad starts – like all the Cabinet picks who are tax cheats – and say “this guy is a train wreck.” But after seeing the campaign that Obama ran – where no one even knew who he was – I know he’s not an idiot.

So I contend the president is a genius.

Who is he? He’s David Copperfield: A master of misdirection, who is making sure that so much is going on that it wears you out. You’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s all intentional.

Look at all the things going on just in a few weeks:

Obama closed Gitmo and dropped the charges against the guy who bombed the USS. Cole. He moved the Census into the White House. Then, there’s the No. 2 attorney general who stood up for child pornographers, TARP 2.0 and all the clowns in Washington with scandals: like Tim Geithner, Tom Daschle, the performance czar, Charlie Rangel and Chris Dodd.

These are all individual outrages, set up to divide the media’s attention and your attention – which need to be unified, like an army.

It’s simply a matter of divide and conquer.

You are saying, “I’m just trying to hang onto my job. What? I don’t know what to do.” And we say, call, call, call your representatives right now. And you do call, but at some point it becomes too much and you say, “I’m not calling anymore.” And I don’t blame you. But that’s exactly what David Obama-Field wants.

Let’s look at this giant spending bill:

Are we to believe that Obama stupidly went to Nancy Pelosi and her progressive friends and said come up with the best bill possible and she just loaded it up with pork all on her own accord? Is he that inept that he thought they could get away with overseas abortions, fluorescent light bulbs and polar bear habitats? Or did he know it would distract all of us from what this bill is really about: universal health care – which was quietly tucked into the bill at the last minute. What else is tucked in there?

It’s not about the pork; it’s really about pushing forward a socialist agenda. And the best way to do that is by distracting you with the right hand, when you should really be looking at the left.