College Grade Inflation

Glen Beck brings light to a report on college GPA inflation.  Here’s the dets on the standard 4.0 scale:

Average College GPA 1991: 2.93

Average College GPA 2009: 3.11

U. Michigan Ave  Grades 1951: 2.57

U. Michigan Ave  Grades 2009: 3.29

To put Michigan’s rise into perspective consider this:  it is -or at least was – a significant honor to graduate “Cum Laude” from a University.  Cum Laude simply means that your GPA was above 3.5.  Which used to mean you were a full grade letter above the average student.  At Michigan apparently it means that you did the assigned extra credit assignment.

As standards continue to slide or be watered down, the accomplishment of meeting such standards becomes increasingly meaningless.  Which is why our children will probably need to get a Ph D just to work a non-minimum wage job…