CBS Poll Reveals The Secret To Obama’s Approval Rating

Now a lot of people have been surprised at how well President Obama’s approval rating has weathered repeated controversial policies and programs.  He has consistently exceeded the ratings by the vastly popular President Clinton (early years).  But a new CBS poll reveals the secret to these consistently good numbers:  almost total unity amongst African Americans.

The poll breakdown of overall job approval:  Approve, 62% of whites. Disapprove, 27% of whites. Approve, 96% of blacks. Disapprove, 0. Some didn’t answer. 4% didn’t answer. 0 disapprove.  Now 96% Approval & ZERO % disapproval brings to mind the ratings of Saddam Hussein pre-gulf war. – where everyone agreed those numbers were either faked or coerced.  Everyone.  But you won’t see any such suggestion here, because that would be racist.  And nobody wants to be racist.