DataJack Is the MagicJack For 3G

Where MagicJack made Voice over IP calling simple (self contained USB flashdrive with phone jack) and cheap ($20/year)… DataJack has stepped in to do the same for 3G Wireless coverage on your various mobile computers.  Instead of $60/month for a max of 5GB/month like every other carrier out there.  DataJack is offering unlimited 3G for $40/month.  A much more appealing price for the masses that are already paying $40-50/month of broadband at home. $60 always seemed a tad steep for supplemental internet.  I never liked the caps either, besides, most people aren’t going to download movies or other huge files over 3G… we’re not patient enough to for 1Mbps speeds when we have 12Mpbs at home. However, we would like to have the option for surfing beyond our phone’s capabilities fairly often and you can only hang out at Panera and Starbucks so much and still be cool.

Oh and did i mention there are no contracts involved….