Change A Honda Fit Cabin Filter

Newer cars now have a cabin filter on the vent system to remove dust and allergens from your AC.  It’s actually easy to change out yourself in 2-3 minutes.  So pay $20 at your local car parts store instead of the $80+ your dealer will charge. I was shocked that I couldn’t find good instructions on the internets for a non-2007 model fit. I mean it’s the internet! With 2011 models rolling off the assembly line here’s a nice pictorial reference for those of you with a 2nd generation Honda Fit (2008, 2009, 2010 and yes even 2011).

1) Open glove box


2) Remove stuff from glove box

3) Press the sides of the glove box inward and lower the glove box all the way down on it’s hinge

4) Don’t be fooled by the rattle stopping white pad on the back of the glove box!

5) Locate the two tabs left and right center of the whole you’ve created in your dash (red circles in pic) and press inward and then it pull out.


6) Simply lift the dirty square filter out of the black plastic box and replace with new filter

7) Work the steps in reverse to put everything back


Done!  Savings: $20-30/minute depending on DIY-er speed.