Longitude and Latitude on Google Maps the Easy Way

There are times in life you want to find the longitude and latitude of a known location.  Google maps does everything else well – why not this?  Soon you discover that what was once a feature of GMaps is now gone.  Searching the web brings up a way to center the google map and grab the url and paste it into a javascript and … who has time for all that nonsense???

Here’s the easy way:  Go here and click on the map. Done.

You can even change the default location by clicking the “set” button and bookmarking the new url.

Bad Week For Liberals

“Last week, a Republican was elected Senator in Massachusetts, Air America is going off the air, the Supreme Court struck down Mccain Feingold, and Obamacare is dead… so Liberals how’s that Hope and Change working out for you?” – NewsBusted

Kuban Updates

So many of you are aware of the trials facing the Kuban clan these days, but for those that don’t my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last year and my baby niece was discovered to have a brain abnormality.

There is no way I can even summarize all the events surrounding these so I won’t even try – I will simply point people to the web sites dedicated telling of their journey:  DanKuban.com and CountingAllJoys.blogspot.com.