Moved Again

Sorry for the brief interruption in our black-is-soo-cool theme… we had to move servers again.  And it took us a bit to get our custom bits in our header to work properly.

Everything should be back to normal now. If you see anything out of sorts please shoot us an email at staff [at]

200K, Yay!

Whew-whoo! 200,000 page views. Thanks to all our readers! This reminds me of when my celica roled past 200,000 miles… not to mention when my CRX roled past 200,000 miles… What? Its not my fault the affordable cars had a lot of miles. Besides a Toyota or Honda need 100k just really get broken in… :)

Email Oops

We just noticed that there has been a typo in our email address for the last – oh – several months.  oops.

Our address is staff [at] scottsoapbox [dot] COM…. our old address ended in .net…. sorry, if you've been thinking we hate you or something.


We’re Sorry

We know that posting has been rather sparse. We've been busy, helping our friends at get their new site launched.

If you're a teacher, you should check it out.  It makes services like Blackboard look plain crappy – though to be fair, Blackboard was doing a pretty good job of that themselves.

Anyway, we're back and content should be more consistent now.  And after Sept 15th, our obligations to a certain Fortune 50 company will be completed – further freeing us up for telling you how the world should be.

– Mgmt