Staying Alive

Ah some of my work on the web that has survived…. mostly. Compassion Coalition is a noble organization that exists to unite/mobilize the churches in Knoxville, TN towards common goals such as the homeless, battered women, ect. I think it is a great idea because I love efficiency and this keeps churches from having to remaking the wheel and they can also have ecconomies of scale because multiple churches are working on one cause. It also helps members of churches find many more places to plug-in beyond what a single church could ever provide. Not to mention the added unity stuff that is all warm and fuzzy. They had done this primarily through a publication called the salt and light guide or S&LG which was great except for the fact that it was paper and only updated every few years due to the publishing expenses… then the web was invented (actually years previous to this but for the sake of the story)…

Anyway I was commissioned to translate the paper book into a php / mySQL interactive database wonder… which was moving along nicely until the ministry hired an in-house web designer that was really good…. w/ frontpage (if you haven’t done much advanced web design you won’t really get the irony here). So since my interactive fully online system didn’t plugin to frontpage it was pretty much labeled crap and I was dismissed from the project. Anyway, the web conversion of the S&LG was pretty much just moved over to the frontpage site so it is a gleam of my work on that project that still exists.

Online S&LG