Waffle Hiz-ouse

This was orginially posted yesterday, but I had to take it down when i realized my site was being reviewed for inclusion in Google’s AdSense program…

There is currently a grass roots campaign to place John Kerry’s web site at the top of a Google search for ” Waffles “. Finding this to be hilarious, I have joined the cause and am adding a few Waffles links on my site to join my fellow web-loggers in “Google Bombing”. Google Bombing is when enough sites have links on them with a specific key word like Waffles which Google’s bots consider when creating the rank.

Next up a DOS attack against the RIAA for suing all those people! Oh just kidding, that would be mean (and it would require writing a virus to take over all those servers and personal computers — which really shoulds like a lot of work). And my lawyers tell me it’s probably e-legal ;)