Scott: On Reviews

I wanted to touch on my review style now, so that later on people don’t accuse me of loving everything I review. I will rarely have mediocre reviews on this site, because I will rarely take the time to review mediocre products. If you want mediocre reviews, try Google. There are alreay many sites out there with entire budgets and staff devoted to reviewing anything they can get their hands on (often for free and early from manufacturers that want some press to push out with their latest). however has not (yet) sold out to the product review machine. I will usually only post reviews of products that I have encountered along life’s journey that are SO excellent (or terrible) as to necessitate my proclaiming them to all the masses… So you might say that I am more of a product evangelist than an a simple reviewer.

The one caveat to this would be: restaurants. I tend to review a wider range of restaurants than other products. Why? Because restaurants are different… trust me, they just are. Restaurant reviews falling more into the mediocre category will tend to take longer to make it to print as seen in the below review of Conners.