Queer Eye for the KKK Guy?

This is a fake article from an Onion like site, but it is amusing non-the-less. I have extracted it from their site due to an abundance of popups and other annoyances.

Klansman Turns Pink; Queer Eye for the KKK Guy?
By Jennifer Gardner May 27, 2004, 01:00 (http://www.glossynews.com/artman/publish/kkk-746.shtml)

In what’s being called a local wardrobe malfunction, area resident and Klansman Arnie Stevens showed up at his latest Ku Klux Klan rally in a pink hood and a pink robe.

“They say it happened because I didn’t separate my whites from my coloreds,” said Arnie. “That just goes to show you segregation is the way of the Lord. In laundry and also in life.”

“The little missus was at a Tupperware convention so I had to do my own laundry,” explained Arnie. A former bachelor, Arnie hauled his dirty Klansman outfit to the local washtub but what followed no one could foresee. Although the real culprit is probably a wayward Cincinnati Reds tee-shirt, Arnie tends to believe his washer was tampered with by some of the young African American men, or as Arnie called them, “homies” loitering around the shop.

“Someone sabotaged that there washer. Sure as I know nigras are black, I know I separated my coloreds from my whites.” He continued, “There’s something rotten in Denmark around here. The name of the laundromat is Rub-A-Dub Scrub. Need I say more?” And then, he said no more.

Conspiracy or not, the mishap did not discourage the lifelong KKK member from attending his monthly Klansman rally, held in his hometown of Pigeon Hole, Oklahoma. But because his robe and hood were both an unfortunate shade of flamingo pink, Arnie was immediately asked to go home for suspicion of being a flaming homosexual.

“Unfortunately, my fellow Klansman judged me solely on the color of my robe. But I can’t help what color my robe is, can I? What’s inside is what counts,” said Arnie, wiping back a tear.

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